Nocturnal Energy

Nocturnal Energy is an website design, development and management company located in Redmond, Oregon.

It was founded by Nate Roberts in 2008.

We help people Plug In and Power UP for MASSIVE exposure with social media hubs.

Fun fact: People ask where the name “Nocturnal Energy” came from…

Nate Roberts has always been a night owl.

Nate’s wife Katie needs her sleep at night.

When their first daughter was born, Nate volunteered to take care of the late night feedings. He quickly learned that meant every 2 hours. There really wasn’t enough time to go back to sleep, so Nate would just stay up and work on websites.

(One of the greatest things about the internet… It never turns off!)

There you have it!

Nocturnal Energy was born.


Our Vision:

“Our ability to achieve the vision rests with our people, who are actively working to make the vision real“.
We strive to be the best at what we do, both internally and externally, and are constantly changing to meet customer needs and expectations.


Our Mission:

To provide services and solutions of the highest quality and benefit to our clients that earns their respect and loyalty.